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3 reasons why you need a Flywheel to increase your sales...

Get more strategy sessions

Prospects need to spend time with your brand to make a considered purchase. Get more strategy sessions every month on autopilot by turning prospects into highly educated leads.

Lift your close rate

People trust what peers and colleagues have to say. We've seen that prospects who view a Proof Post client interview are 4x more likely to become a paying customer.

Get more pricing power

Confidently charge what your offer is worth and reaffirm to each client that they are making the right decision with a warchest of overwhelming proof that backs up your claims.

Case Studies

Hear directly from happy and successful clients

“Before working with Harry I had tried to teach others how to flip houses but wasn’t helping as many people as I knew I could help with my background and experience. I had a good product but wasn’t conveying it well.

That’s when I got connected with Harry and Vouch.

Harry helped me realize I needed to raise my pricing and improve my sales process so that I would attract more motivated and committed clients who would do the work and get the result. Otherwise, I wouldn’t get case studies and my business would just fizzle out.

We hashed out a detailed action plan and got to work. I’m glad we did.

Within a few weeks I had generated 11 strategy sessions and my first client. In just over 60 days, I've brought on 8 clients and done $80,000 in sales in total.

If you are an expert at what you do but are struggling to generate leads and sell that is perfectly normal. You need to reach out to Harry and he’ll help you master the sales and marketing fundamentals you need to succeed.

I highly recommend him and I look forward to our continued growth together.”

Viktor Jiracek
Founder, ViktorJiracek.com

“Before working with Harry I had been working on my business for about five years and in recent months had seen sales slip to under $10k / mo. I was getting great results for clients but there was a disconnect when communicating our results on a sales call.

I knew I needed to improve my sales process so I decided to reach out to Harry.

Harry helped me realize I needed to think more systematically about my offer, make my organic lead generation consistent (before moving to ads), and improve my sales process. This would allow me to hit my revenue goals while working fewer hours in the business.

Harry proposed an action plan and we got started immediately. It was great.

Just hours after our sales call and using his advice, I closed a coaching client for $5.8k. This was a good sign. Within 60 days, I was able to hit $28.5k / mo in sales and in 90 days I was doing $50k / mo in sales.

If you are doing $6k to $10k / month and want a simple effective process to consistently reach $20k / mo and beyond you 100% need to reach out to Harry. He’ll bring massive clarity, focus, and direction to what you need to be doing to see these numbers.

I’m really glad that I took the leap and am grateful to be working with Harry still today.”

Khierstyn Ross
Founder, Khierstyn.com

“Before working with Harry I had been working on my business for about two and half years and in recent months had been making $5k - $7k / mo working 50 - 70 hours a week with 15 - 20 clients. It was pretty hectic and I was fast approaching burnout.

I knew something had to change and fortunately I got connected with Harry then.

Harry helped me realize I needed to make my service delivery less labor intensive, raise my pricing, and improve my sales process so that I would work fewer hours in the business, make more money, and have more fun all while maintaining client results.

Harry mapped out a really solid strategy for me and I took action. I was blown away.

In the first month of working together, I raised my rates by 2.5x, made a $5k sale within 24 hours of signing up, and made $40k total. In the second month, I made $11k in a single day and am on track to do $50k total.

If you are doing between $3k to $7k every month and care about ensuring your clients are happy and successful you absolutely need to reach out to Harry. He’ll help you document your clients’ results, raise your rates, and improve your sales process.

I can’t thank him enough and I’m very much looking forward to the months ahead.”

Chaz Morales
Founder, InfluenceYourMarket.com

“Before working with Harry we were doing well, but getting that next client wasn’t any easier.

I knew we needed better social proof to take the business to the next level.

That’s when I found Harry and Vouch.

Harry helped me identify that I needed a process to collect video client interviews and that, used in the right way, they would be powerful assets during the sales process.

We got right to work and I’m glad that we did.

Within a few days, I had collected 3 persuasive video interviews.

In the first month, one morning I woke up to $30k in new revenue and contract commitments from the night before—great day.

In the first two months, I made $60k more in sales that I directly attribute to the introduction of these assets into our sales process.

If you’re doing well but you know you’re not documenting your client results and you’re not effectively leveraging social proof to grow, you need to reach out to Harry.

Not only does he deeply understand the role of social proof in high-ticket funnels, he’s been an asset instrumental to improving our marketing and sales in general.

I highly recommend you work with Harry. I still work with him today.”

Evan Fisher
Founder, Unicorn Business Plans

"Before working with Harry, I was growing organically on Facebook. I was able to attract clients but I was spending hours every day making it happen. I knew I needed to use Facebook Ads to scale faster.

That's when I found Harry and Vouch.

I spoke with Harry and he helped me map out my growth goals and objectives around Facebook Ads. He helped me break down and execute the exact steps needed to go live successfully.

He also helped me realize I was missing a key asset to help with conversion across the funnel -- namely case studies from happy and successful clients.

The results were absolutely incredible.

Within a week, we collected 2 high converting video case studies and got my Facebook Ads live. In fact the first day my ads were live, I booked multiple strategy sessions.

All in all, Harry helped me go from $8k /month to $35k /month profitably using Facebook Ads and video testimonials in less than 90 days even in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak.

If you're a coach or consultant doing ok but ready to scale to the next level you need to speak with Harry and see if he can help you. I would highly recommend him and am still working with him today."

Peter Byram
Founder, Peter Byram Consulting

"Before working with Harry, I was sharing my paintings on Facebook and I was getting likes but I couldn't turn these fans into buyers.

That's when I found Harry and Vouch.

Harry helped me identify that I needed to change how I attracted fans to make sure they were quality leads and then in order to make sales at higher prices I need to talk to them on the phone.

He also helped me realize that I needed to ask good questions and not just talk about myself and my artwork to increase my sales.

The results were really fast and really great.

Within 30 days, I sold a painting for €3,800—the most I have ever sold a painting for. In total I sold €25,800 in a little more than 60 days.

I also learned how to generate higher quality leads who didn’t just ask for the price right away but rather were open to speaking on a call so I could learn more about their needs and recommend just 1 or 2 paintings that I know would be a great fit for them.

If you want to make more sales you need a mentor one or two steps ahead of you. They can hold your hand and walk with you through the jungle and get you results much faster. Harry is that mentor. He has helped me and I know he can help you.

I would 100% recommend him and I look forward to us working together for a long time.”

Oliver Hojas
Artist, OliverHojas.com

"Before working with Harry, I was bringing on a few clients each month but I knew, for all my efforts, I could be doing more in sales.

That's when I found Harry and Vouch.

I spoke with Harry and he helped me identify a few simple ways I could generate more quality leads, lift my conversion rate, and get more pricing power.

He also helped me realize that to make more sales I didn’t need to sell multiple products or have a low-ticket entry price — I just needed a better offer, better proof, and better sales skills.

The results were almost immediate.

Within 7 days, we collected 3 high converting video case studies and introduced them into my marketing. In fact, when I published the case studies on social I generated 10 qualified inbound leads.

In the following week, with Harry's help, I raised my pricing and closed my first deal with the new pricing soon after. All told, I more than doubled monthly revenue to $12k.

Four months later, I did $33k in sales.

If you’re a coach or consultant who is bringing on clients but you know you could have a stronger, simpler, and faster growing business, speak with Harry and see if he can help you.

I would absolutely recommend him. It’s amazing how much we did in just 30 days. I still work with him today."

Charlie Price
Founder, Cardinal Thrive

"The last few months of growing my business had been ok but not really great. I had brought on a client or two but it didn’t feel predictable and I wasn’t satisfied with the results clients were getting.

I then found Harry and Vouch.

Harry helped me realize I wasn’t clear enough on who I specifically wanted to serve and what were the best results I could get these people. He also helped me realize I didn’t have one predictable source of leads or a repeatable sales process to win clients.

He helped me see that I need to niche down further, get clearer on my offer structure, and focus on doing fewer lead generation strategies but do them much better to get quality strategy sessions.

I have to say that his recommendations worked great.

Within a few weeks, I had 3x'd my pricing and generated more than 12 quick chats on the phone and 5 quality strategy sessions with my market.

In less than 2 months, I had brought on 2 clients and made £5,000.

If you want to create a market leading offer, having more magnetic messaging, and you want to generate leads predictably using social media organically then you need to speak with Harry. Working with him has brought so much clarity and forward progress in a short period of time.

I would 100% recommend him and am still working with him today."

Jawad Sabra
Founder, JawadSabra.com

“Before working with Harry, I had almost finished building an online course, but had only brought on 1 or 2 clients. I thought if I just finished the course, I'd be able to fix my marketing.

Deep down I knew that wouldn’t necessarily fix the problem.

That’s when I found Harry and Vouch.

Harry helped me realize I needed to get clearer on my niche, deepen my offer, and make my message more attractive. By doing so I’d be able to attract more motivated clients and get better case studies faster so that getting my next client would be easier.

We got to work right away and I’m very grateful that we did.

Within a week, we had updated my message and I had booked 7 strategy sessions. Within 35 days, I had brought on multiple clients and was at $3k / mo in revenue.

If you’ve had some success—made some sales and made some clients happy—but you know things could be much more predictable and you could be making more sales, you owe it to yourself to reach out to Harry.

He’ll be able to diagnose your root problem and then help you fix it.

I highly recommend him. Looking forward to what's next!”

Dorit Perry
Founder, DoritPerry.com

“Before working with Harry, we had lost a few deals we should have won. We had the expertise. We had the track record.

But we weren’t able to adequately communicate this—the perceived clout wasn’t there.

That's when I found Harry and Vouch.

I spoke with Harry and he helped me identify opportunities to lift my conversion rate in our sales process. He helped me realize that I needed higher fidelity social proof from my clients.

He also helped me realize I didn’t just need more social proof but I needed to make sure the proof was structured in the right way to lift conversion.

The results were absolutely incredible.

Within 2 months, we collected 9 high converting video testimonials and introduced them into our sales process.

Within a few short weeks, the testimonials Harry helped me collect led to us beating out 5 other companies for a $53,000 engagement. In fact, we charged more than double the next highest bidder.

If you’re a coach or consultant with a predictable source of leads and a validated sales process and you’re looking for an effective way to lift conversions and boost your pricing power, speak with Harry and see if he can help you.

I would 100% recommend him. The ROI has been huge."

Kelly Gordon
Founder, Dapper Codes

"Before we were working with Vouch we had no dedicated sales or marketing team members. We had a basic marketing website. We were getting more sign ups each month from the Shopify app store but I knew we needed to do more to help them get results with our product and ultimately become customers.

That's when I found Harry and Vouch. Harry first helped us activate more users with Intercom onboarding campaigns. He also instrumented our product with MixPanel so we could tell what features were driving results and which customers were seeing the most success.

From there our work together really took off. We optimized our free to paid app content marketing funnel, installed a true marketing funnel, installed a customer community funnel, and introduced a new sales process for mid-market and enterprise customers.

The results were fast and fantastic.

We increased our users by 9% from 10,800 users to 11,800 users.

Weincreased our paying customers by more than 15% from 2,700 to 3,100+ paying customers.

We doubled our MRR and broke through $1M ARR in less than 6 months. Feels great to have this milestone in the rearview mirror.

With Vouch and the campaigns Harry set up, we've got a strong foundation for continued growth. We are continuing to work with him to hit our next ARR growth goal. If you get a chance to work with Harry and Vouch you should do it."

Jason Bapna
CEO, CartKit makers of Consistent Cart

“Before working with Harry I was seeing 10 - 20 calls a week for my destination wedding planning business. But when the pandemic hit, the calls stopped.

I knew I needed to make changes to keep growing my business.

Then I found Harry and Vouch.

Harry helped me identify that my offer structure and my sales skills first and foremost needed improvement.

He also helped me realize I need to build a predictable source of leads without hoping Google will keep sending me search traffic.

I'm very pleased with the results so far.

Within 30 days, I made my first post-pandemic sale.

I also structured my offer to be more profitable and less labor intensive for me and my team while still ensuring my couples have intimate and unforgettable weddings in Iceland.

If you want to improve your offer, improve your sales process, and make more sales don’t give up. You can do it. You just need to ask for help so you can make the hard but necessary changes.

I’m glad I asked Harry for help and I would absolutely recommend that you do the same.

I look forward to his assistance in growing my business from here.”

Vigdís Segatta
Founder, Lux Wedding

"We had been focusing on serving new subscription box store owners. We'd get them setup with their website, with their order management, and marketing tools to help them get customers. It was going great but we knew that to keep growing our business we needed to figure out how we could serve the needs of larger more established subscription box companies as well.

That's when I reached out to Harry and Vouch.

Harry helped us hypothesize a messaging statement that would resonate strongly with existing subscription box stores. He then helped us test that message hypothesis with an outbound prospecting inside sales funnel he installed.

The results were incredible.

Within 30 days, we had gone from 0 demos a month to 18 demos a month with the exact target niche we were looking to work with. Vouch was able to create so many opportunities for us, at moments, it felt like more business than we could handle. This is a good problem to have!

Working with Vouch is proven, fast, and works. I look forward to continuing to work with them as we launch new campaigns and race past our growth milestones."

Stefan Pretty
CEO, Subbly

"Before working with Harry, sales had stalled and I wasn’t generating leads or strategy sessions. I had had a few clients and gotten them results but nothing was systematic or predictable.

That's when I found Harry and Vouch.

I spoke with Harry and he helped me realize my positioning and messaging was too general. He helped me see that if I wanted to help anyone, I needed to target a more specific person and problem.

He also helped me realize I was bouncing from marketing tactic to marketing tactic rather than mastering one and executing it well.

I am really pleased with the significant progress we’ve made.

Within a week, I had much more focused messaging and a new congruent online marketing presence. With it, I was able to finally generate leads predictably.

Harry helped me generate 20 meaningful conversations, 10 quick chats, and 5 strategy sessions in less than 30 days using a simple Facebook organic lead generation strategy.

If you’re just starting out as a coach or consultant, it’s ok to ask for help to get to your sales and growth goals faster. You definitely need to speak with Harry and see if he has bandwidth to help you. It’s been great so far and I’m looking forward to the next month working together."

Marek Rudak
Founder, MarekRudak.com

Who is behind Vouch?

We're a team of sales and marketing experts and we are here to help you get more sales with Flywheels.

Harry Whelchel

B.A. Economics, University of Virginia, USA

Google Ads Analyst - Bed, Bath & Beyond (Client; $100M+ Annual Online Sales)
Full-Stack Software Engineer - SalesLoft ($3M - $8M ARR)
Head of Marketing - CartKit ($49k - $101k MRR)
Founder - Vouch ($400k in sales and climbing)