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Case Studies

"We had just started monetizing our SaaS app and wanted to make sure our conversion rate was as high as possible. We had gotten text-based reviews in the Shopify App Store to increase free trial sign ups but we were frustrated with how little impact on conversion the reviews had. In other words, they weren't helping our users make the decision to buy. We knew we could be doing more but weren't sure what exactly.

That's when we found Vouch. With Vouch we were able to collect over 240 video testimonials in a few months. We then added a testimonial embed right within our app so our free trial users could watch quick one to two minute video testimonials from paying customers like them.

The results were fast and fantastic.

As a result of publishing the testimonials, we added $1,900 in net new MRR and 65 net new customers in less than 30 days for a 6% lift in revenue. Free trial users who watched a video testimonial were about 4x more likely to become a paying customer. Now we're working with Vouch to get video testimonials in front of more of our free trial users and to uncover new ways we can use video testimonials to increase revenue. I'd definitely recommend Vouch to any Shopify App founder looking to get more sales with video social proof."

Jason Bapna
CEO, CartKit


Why do you need Vouch?

3 reasons why you should use Vouch to generate referrals, collect video testimonials, and increase your sales...

Boost conversion by 30%+

More than anything, people trust what existing customers have to say. In fact, we've seen that prospects who watch a video testimonial before a strategy session are 4x more likely to become a paying customer.

Get more strategy sessions

Get tens, hundreds, or thousands more strategy sessions each year with a review wall that showcases real clients and results...instead of asking the same clients to be a reference again and again.

Get more pricing power

Be confident charging what your offer is worth and reaffirm to each client that they are making a great decision with a war chest of overwhelming video social backing up your claims, methods, and offer.

Who is behind Vouch?

We're a team of referral marketing experts and we are here to help you get more sales with the help of your happy clients.

Harry Whelchel

B.A. Economics, University of Virginia, USA

Google Ads Analyst - Bed, Bath & Beyond (Client; $100M+ Annual Online Sales)
Full-Stack Software Engineer - SalesLoft ($3M - $8M ARR)
Head of Marketing - CartKit ($49k - $101k MRR)
Founder - ConvoPanda ($195k ARR and climbing)